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    Sources of Constitution - Compilation Table
    Fundamental rights and exceptions to it
    Panchayats Municipalities Elections & Reservations - Summary
    Reservations of SC/ST/OBC/Anglo Indian/Women- Summary Table
    Legislative instruments (motion, resolution, question hour etc.) - Summary table
    Types of Majorities and its instances
    Pardon types and Governor vs President w.r.t Pardoninng power
    Important Judgements - Compilation table
    Election of President, VP, MPs - Quick revision table
    Different Election Officers & their duties - Quick revision table
    Fundamental rights w.r.t National Emergency
    Northeastern states Administrative framework - Overview
    Scheduled Areas vs Tribal areas - Comparison table
    Types of Emergency - Summary Table
    Different bills and its procedure to become act - Table
    Bills status w.r.t Loksabha dissolution - Summary table
    Writs types - Quick revision table
    Legislative Subjects - Central, State and Concurrent List - Table of Important ones
    Resolution of election disputes - By whom - Table
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