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  • Why this academy?
    This academy is all about making aspirants journey through UPSC CSE simpler and smarter. The Academy desires to provide quality materials for conceptual learning in a simpler form and summary reports, handouts, tables, mind maps etc. enabling smart revision with the latest available technologies. We, at this academy, discovered that many aspirants waste their precious time in collecting the oceanful of materials and compiling notes leaving hardly any time for its revision. One of the common success mantra recommended by toppers is Revise, Revise and Revise. However, aspirants have inadequate time and often, lacks interest in revising the concepts because of various reasons such as haphazard notes, extensive materials, unclear strategy, conventional rote learning etc. Thus, this academy tries to facilitate the UPSC CSE aspirants in overcoming some of their difficulties faced during their preparation especially during the revision stage. This academy takes proud in saving aspirants time and energy throughout their journey of UPSC CSE preparation
  • What's new in this academy ?
    Save aspirants time and effort in preparing notes and material collection Provide compilations, hand outs, summaries, mindmaps for easy and quick revision Syllabus driven entirely Innovative and intuitive learning driven by technology Simpler and Smarter
  • USP - Unique Selling Point of this academy?
    Focussing on Revision part where most of the aspirants struggle in search of time and quality material/notes. All the materials/notes are downloadable in PDF or editable format. Thus, an aspirant may edit thereon in his native style. This academy desires to provide aspirant friendly notes presented in innovative and intuitive ways for quick and easy revision enthusiastically. One-stop-centre for all the compiled notes.
  • Is it worthful among other plenty of existing coaching centres, websites, institutes?"
    This Academy believes and takes proud in saving aspirants time and energy in their journey of UPSC CSE. We believe "Content is the King". Therefore, we recommend you to try and invest little time in this academy and know yourself whether it is worthful or not. We guarantee that the little time invested will not be regretted for and everyone may find something useful in this academy.
  • Vision, Mission and Objectives of this academy?"
    Vision: To become a reliable platform between UPSC CSE aspirants and its examination and be a part of their success stories. Mission: Smart guidance through quality, precise and compiled materials, notes in tune with the ever changing requirements of UPSC CSE examination Objectives: Ease of revision Save aspirants time in collecting, compiling and updating of their preparation notes. One stop for all the materials Through the latest technologies available In sync with the latest developments and as per trends of the exam Smart tips relevant for the examination To provide effective strategy in preparation, revision, tests and taking the examination Reverse engineering Analyzing Syllabus and old papers to know what is required Preparing and limiting to those only what is required Transforming the requirements to quantifiable achievables to keep track of the goals Turning the goals into reality Enabling integrated preparation - Simultaneous preparation of Prelims, Mains and Interview
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