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Bisphenol A (BPA), a cause of concern, is a structural/key component in the manufacture of which of the following kind of plastic?


Among the following crops, which one is the most important anthropogenic source of both
methane and nitrous oxide?
a) Cotton
b) Rice
c) Sugarcane
d) Wheat


In the context of WHO Air Quality Guidelines, consider the following statements:

1. The 24-hour mean of PM2.5 should not exceed 15 µg/m3 and annual mean of PM2.5 should not exceed 5 µg/m3.
2. In a year, the highest levels of ozone pollution occur during the periods of inclement weather.
3. PM10 can penetrate the lung barrier and enter the bloodstream.
4. Excessive ozone in the air can trigger asthma.

Which of the statements given above are correct?


'Triclosan', considered harmful when exposed to high levels for a long time, is most lilely present in which of the following?

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