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"Climate Action Tracker" which monitors the emission reduction Pledges of different countries is a


Consider the following statements :

Statement-I :
Carbon markets are likely to be one of the most widespread tools in the fight against climate change.

Statement-II :
Carbon markets transfer resources from the private sector to the State.

Which one of the following is correct in
respect of the above statements?


What is blue carbon?


Consider the following heavy industries :

1. Fertilizer plants
2. Oil refineries
3. Steel plants

Green hydrogen is expected to play a significant role in decarbonizing how many of the above industries?


Consider the following:

1. Carbon monoxide
2. Nitrogen oxide
3. Ozone
4. Sulphur dioxide

Excess of which of the above in the environment is/are cause(s) of acid rain?


Consider the following activities :

1. Spreading finely ground basalt rock on farmlands extensively
2. Increasing the alkalinity of oceans by adding lime .
3. Capturing carbon dioxide released by various industries and pumping it into abandoned subterranean mines in the form of carbonated

How many of the above activities are often considered and discussed for carbon capture and sequestration?


Consider the following statements:

1. “The Climate Group” is an international non-profit organization that drives climate action by building
large networks and runs them.
2. The International Energy Agency in partnership with the Climate Group launched a global initiative
3. EP100 brings together leading companies committed to driving innovation in energy efficiency and
increasing competitiveness while delivering on emission reduction goals.
4. Some Indian companies are members of EP100.
5. The International Energy Agency is the Secretariat to the “Under2 Coalition”.

Which of the statements given above are correct?

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