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Consider the following events in the history of India:
(1) Rise of Pratiharas under King Bhoja
(2) Establishment of Pallava power under Mahendravarman � I
(3) Establishment of Chola power by Parantaka � I
(4) Pala dynasty founded by Gopala
What is the correct chronological order of the above events, starting from the earliest


From the decline of Guptas until the rise of Harshavardhana in the early seventh century, which of the following kingdoms were holding power in Northern India?
(1) The Guptas of Magadha
(2) The Paramaras of Malwa
(3) The Pushyabhutis of Thanesar
(4) The Maukharis of Kannauj
(5) The Yadavas of Devagiri
(6) The Maitrakas of Valabhi

Select the correct answer using the code given below


Which of the following phrases defines the nature of the 'Hundi' generally referred to in
the sources of the post-Harsha period?


Consider the following dynasties :

1. Hoysala
2. Gahadavala
3. Kakatiya
4. Yadava

How many of the above dynasties established their kingdoms in early eighth century AD?.


With reference to the period of Gupta dynasty in ancient India, the towns Ghantasala,
Kadura and Chaul were well known as

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