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Synopsis It's the story of a young couple struggling with challenges of life. Both are aggressive and follow their own thoughts which affect their relationship. What if, the thoughts are so strong and the world turns in their favor?Q: jQuery: Calling a function on the main window object Is it possible to call a function on the main window object? I've tried this: window.OnNodesLoaded(); and also:; but neither works, since there is no such thing as window.OnNodesLoaded A: The proper way to do this is via window.setTimeout, or you could use the setInterval function to execute a function (I believe it requires a function declaration). window.setTimeout(function(){ window.OnNodesLoaded(); }, 3000); // Or what you want Edit: While the above examples are technically correct, they are not best practices. First of all, calling functions using setTimeout and setInterval isn't anything you should be doing, and second, they won't work if you need to specify the arguments for the function. In the following code, a "window.OnNodesLoaded" function is declared as a local variable that takes no arguments. In your setTimeout or setInterval call, you can simply say "window.OnNodesLoaded". function setTimeout(func, timeout) { window.setTimeout(func, timeout); } function setInterval(func, interval) { window.setInterval(func, interval); The way to call a function on the main window object is to use jQuery's $.proxy() $(window).load(function(){ alert('Loaded'); }); $.proxy(function(){ alert('Print me'); }, window); but do note that $.proxy() only works with functions that have been added to the jQuery object using $.extend(). If you have a function already attached to window, you can use $.proxy() as if it was already attached to the window object. Otherwise, just use setTimeout() or setInterval() You can bind an event like so :




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HD Online Player (tamil 720p Hd Movies Download Zindag) latvalp

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